Sep 142021
 September 14, 2021  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S.

Trevor Aaronson reports:

Craig Monteilh was no stranger to federal agents. A hulking man who’d spent much of his teenage and adult years as an amateur bodybuilder, Monteilh had once made a living ripping off drug dealers. One time, in 1986, the deal went bad, and Monteilh found himself sitting across the table from agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration. They gave him two options: Go to prison, or become an informant.

Monteilh chose the latter, launching a career as a professional snitch that lasted more than two decades. Because of his ethnically ambiguous appearance, Monteilh was a versatile informant for both the DEA and the FBI — going into cases with covers ranging from a white supremacist to a Russian hit man to a Sicilian drug trafficker.

Read more on The Intercept about Operation Flex, and how the ACLU took the government t court in 2011 — and how the case will be heard in the Supreme Court this year.

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