Mar 292011
 March 29, 2011  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

Less than a day after Reuters publishes a news story suggesting that the U.S. and EU are closing the gap on privacy, an article in Deutsche Welle about a case in Spain against Google reminds us how very far apart we still are.

Guy Hedgecoe, reporting from Madrid, discusses the Spanish case against Google that implicates a “right to be forgotten.” For American readers who view such attempts as censorship, I’d encourage you to read the article and see if you really don’t have any empathy for the plight of one of the individuals involved in the case.  And if so, what’s a way to resolve this?

Are those who scream “censorship!” forgetting that the article is still available offline and there is no human right to have information you want online? Or am I being too much of a humanist and not enough of a netizen?

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