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 February 8, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Online

I found this item in The Reader interesting in light of Spain’s lawsuit against Google over privacy:

Spain is statistically the country with the most incidences of abuse of personal information on the internet, along with Bulgaria, confirms research by Eurostat.

Data such as users’ names, postal and email addresses, and videos uploaded have been used for other, unofficial purposes in seven per cent of cases in both countries, compared to the EU average of four per cent, and Italy and Holland’s six per cent, in the past year.

Eurostat also examined cases of identity theft, and financial losses sustained from spam emails leading users to fake websites requesting their personal data, or from unauthorised on-line debit and credit card payments.

Latvia and the UK saw a complete of seven per cent of users affected in this way, whilst five per cent of Maltese and Austrian surfers had suffered such frauds.

Spain’s complete was four per cent, higher than the EU average of three per cent.

Read more on The Reader.

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