Oct 132021
 October 13, 2021  Posted by  Govt, Healthcare, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Isabel Dayman reports:

The South Australian Premier’s department has been deleting QR check-in data after 28 days, but SA Health has been holding onto the information it receives for contact tracing indefinitely, according to a report by the state’s auditor-general.

The state government requested the auditor-general conduct a review into the management of COVID-Safe QR check-in data after the system was brought in last December.

It sounds like the Premier’s department is complying and also thinking about “what if” situations. But the South Australian Health department is not governed by the same rules:

SA Health receives a “subset” of QR code check-in data from DPC when needed for contact tracing processes.

But the Auditor-General’s report stated SA Health’s data storage systems did not fall under the same directions governing DPC, but rather under the Health Care Act.

“SA Health advised us that it intends to retain all data received indefinitely under the Health Care Act 2008,” the report stated.

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