Nov 192010
 November 19, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance

For those who might have been getting their hopes up that airports would opt-out of the incredibly rude, invasive, and wildly inappropriate screenings, George Donnelly points out that despite Sanford International Airport’s statement that they will opt out of the new screening procedures by going to private screening companies, airports cannot opt out of TSA’s requirements for screening, regardless of who performs the function:

Joshua at People’s Press talked to a staffer with the US House Transportation Committee. She says that the airport opt out option is not really that. It just means the TSA will subcontract for the employees that work in the given airport. The machines and the procedures will not change. This is privatization, as we currently know it. The government hires a crony to do its job and the crony is even less accountable than the government.

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