Dec 152014
 December 15, 2014  Posted by

Terrence McCoy and Fred Barbash report:

After days of silence, Sony Pictures Entertainment acknowledged a voluminous, embarrassing leak of internal e-mails and other materials on Sunday, warning numerous media outlets in a strongly worded letter against publishing or using the “stolen” corporate data exposed by unidentified hackers.

Read more on Washington Post. So far, no major news outlet appears to be shaking in their boots over the gentle threat to hold them “responsible” for any damages or loss.

In related news, the hackers have posted a message to Sony employees that they will withhold publishing their details if the employee(s) send them a request with their name(s).

I commend the Guardians of Peace for that offer, but would encourage them to take it one step further: don’t wait for/require individual requests: make it your policy NOT to leak employees’ personal details. See my open letter to the Guardians of Peace here.

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