Jan 192015
 January 19, 2015  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

We’re supposed to teach our kids about privacy. In this case, a kid taught his dad about privacy. Elizabeth Faugl reports:

A guy who was tired of his dad opening his mail without permission decided to teach him a lesson. He used the service Ship Your Enemies Glitter to give him the lesson in privacy.

The son mailed himself the so-called glitter bomb, which is a spring loaded tube full of the annoying glitter.

Watch the results on ABC.

I’m sure many parents will say they are just being responsible by snooping in their kids’ mail or phone or computer. And I’m not sure whether our parental standards should be “probable cause” or “reasonable suspicion,” but routinely invading your child’s privacy without some evidence that there is a serious concern to be addressed is not something this blogger would ever endorse.

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