Dec 192019
 December 19, 2019  Posted by  Misc

The other day, I challenged myself to identify the worst thing President Trump has done that would justify impeachment.

And I realized that the worst thing he’s done, which Joe Cadillic writes about below, may not even be considered a “high crime or misdemeanor” under the Constitution.  But is there no impeachment for crimes against humanity? Perhaps the Founding Fathers couldn’t even imagine or anticipate that kind of monster being in the highest office in the land.  And yet… and yet… people are volunteering to participate in this???

Joe writes:

What is left of a once free country is slowly being turned into a real-life version of East Germany complete with its own version of the Berlin Wall.

When a friend of mine forwarded me a story about DHS employees volunteering to work along our southern border, I thought it must be a joke or an article from The Onion. But I was wrong.

According to a Federal News Network article, at least 2,000 DHS employees have VOLUNTEERED to help separate kids from their families and detain their parents.

Read more on MassPrivateI.  I share Joe’s shock and dismay, and wonder what kind of hole do you have to have in your soul to tear children away from their parents, knowing that there is a good chance they will never be reunited?

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