Mar 102015
 March 10, 2015  Posted by  Featured News, Healthcare, Laws

Marion Renault reports:

The patient who walked into Laraine Kurisko’s office had been to psychotherapy before, but hadn’t expected it to come up at a subsequent job interview. Fearing that a potential employer had seen her mental health records electronically, she came to Kurisko, an Edina psychologist who doesn’t use electronic records for patient data.

“She was shocked,” said Kurisko. “That’s why she came to see me.”

Kurisko is one in a coalition of Minnesota psychologists and social workers who are challenging a state mandate that, as of January, requires medical professionals to adopt computerized health records that are “interoperable,” that is, tied into a wider state medical database.

Going digital, they say, could not only expose sensitive patient information to a data breach, but also erode the patient-therapist trust integral to their work.

Read more on the Star Tribune.

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