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One of PogoWasRight.org’s readers sent this in:

I can’t believe it, but my wife was about to sign up for this in order to win prizes:

What it is, is a *free* bar-code scanner. Each and every item you buy that you then scan in your home gets uploaded to them. The more you scan, the more you can win!

The numbnut in your home who gets this is supposed to:

“This Notice states that The Nielsen Company has the express consent of each member of your household, including the parent of any minor in your household, to collect and use personal information about you and your household (both adults and children) as described below unless you contact us to advise us otherwise.

Please be sure each member of your household reads this notice carefully.”

Are children supposed to read their privacy policy and understand it while scanning for prizes?

“About children.  Depending upon the panel or survey, the information we collect may include information about children, and we may communicate directly with children in the household to collect information from them.  We may try to refresh the permission of parents before we collect information directly from children under age 18, but we cannot guarantee that we always will be successful.  However, working online with very young children requires special care, and we will never collect information online directly from a child under age 14 without the verifiable, informed consent of the parent.”

Some people will do anything in order to try and win a cheap prize.


Now you can whore your out family’s private info and upload their data to Nielsen for *free*

From what my wife told me, lots of people have this “scan to win” thing!

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