Nov 242021
 November 24, 2021  Posted by  Misc

20 Years After Patriot Act, Surveillance of Arabs and Muslims Is Relentless:

Can The Feds Hide Its Misdeeds On Muslim Surveillance As ‘State Secrets’?

OnlyFans improperly scanned faces of content creators to verify ID, age:

Coalition Tells Supreme Court to Hear Warrantless Pole Camera Surveillance Case:

Artists, Rights Groups Denounce ‘Invasive’ Palm-Scanning of Concertgoers by Amazon:

70 Percent Of Companies Have Installed Employee Surveillance Devices:
“[T]he measures being taken include the monitoring of emails (44%), web browsing (41%) and collaboration tools (43%), as well as video surveillance (29%), attention tracking via webcams (28%) and keylogger software (26%).”
The Virtual Floorplan: New Rules for a New Era of Work:

Vizio makes more money selling consumers private data than TVs:

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