Apr 032016
 April 3, 2016  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Anya Kemenetz reports:

Ken Yeh is the director of technology at Ontario Christian Schools, a private K-12 school near Los Angeles with about 100 children per grade.


Google software, like that of other companies, comes with virus protection and the ability to filter search results and block certain Web sites, but Ontario Christian Schools turned to a third party to provide an additional layer of security: a startup called GoGuardian.

GoGuardian helped Yeh and school leaders create a list of off-limits websites: porn, hacking-related sites and “timewasters” like online games, TV and movie streaming. The software also has another feature: It tracks students’ browsing and searches whenever they are using the computer, at home or at school. And that’s how Yeh was alerted that a student appeared to be in severe emotional distress.

Read more on NPR.

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