Dec 072015
 December 7, 2015  Posted by  Business, Online, Surveillance, U.S.

Deepa Seetharaman, Alistair Barr and Yoree Koh report:

Facebook Inc. typically counts on its 1.5 billion users to report offensive content, but last week, the social network went looking for it.

On Thursday, Facebook removed a profile page used by one of two people suspected of killing 14 people the previous day in San Bernardino, Calif.


The move underscores the growing pressure on sites such as Facebook, Alphabet Inc.’s YouTube and Twitter Inc. to monitor, and sometimes remove, violent content and propaganda from terror groups. It is unclear how closely each company works with governments, how frequently they remove content and how it is identified.

Read more on WSJ.

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for this link.

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