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 May 13, 2016  Posted by  Online, U.S., Workplace

The government has released a first-ever social media policy for background investigations, which will scan what applicants have posted on Facebook, Twitter and other sites to determine their trustworthiness. Read the full story on the Washington Post, and see the policy document.

  3 Responses to “Social media policy for government-issued background investigations”

  1. School districts across the country already do this with almost every employee that they hire. Many hospital HR networks too. I am sure you have seen those privacy related stories on the district employees, since there are tons.

  2. Yes, of course. This is not about whether this is being done. This is about what the government’s policy is with respect to potential employee background checks. That’s what made it newsworthy.

  3. Yes. .of course I probably should have added that in too..and I am sure it will not be. After seeing patterns from other situatons, I have more digust than any pragmatic hope.

    Plus this list of govt surveillance just keeps growing..ughh

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