Aug 252012
 August 25, 2012  Posted by  Misc, Surveillance

Ya gotta love Texans. They’ll allow schools to RFID-chip their kids, but go up in arms over smart meters.  Sarah Kuta of Associated Press reports:

Thelma Taormina keeps a pistol at her Houston-area home to protect against intruders. But one of the last times she used it, she said, was to run off a persistent utility company worker who was trying to replace her old electricity meter with a new digital unit.

“This is Texas.” she declared at a recent public hearing on the new meters. “We have rights to choose what appliances we want in our home.”

A nationwide effort to upgrade local power systems with modern equipment has run into growing resistance in Texas, where suspicion of government and fear of electronic snooping have made a humble household device the center of a politically charged showdown over personal liberty.

Read more on the Salt Lake Tribune.

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