Sep 022018
 September 2, 2018  Posted by  Business, Surveillance, U.S.

Drew Millard reports:

It’s well-established that police have the ability to read your license plate when you pass by. But, one startup dares to ask, what if such hellish, privacy-invading technology were available to the general public?

Meet Flock Safety, your new, ten-million-dollar nightmare. A recent post on Crunchbase’s blog notes that the Atlanta-based security startup just completed a massive round of funding, adding $9.6 million to the relatively meager $120,000 the company raised in 2017.

“Unlike traditional security options,” the company’s media kit boasts, “Flock safety is focused on not only preventing, but also solving crime.” In execution, this means that Flock sells security cameras to neighborhoods, and those cameras then record everything that happens in those neighborhoods.”

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