Oct 092018
 October 9, 2018  Posted by  Healthcare

Bloomberg reports:

Most afternoons, Stephanie Buxhoeveden takes a few moments to march back and forth, making at least five U-turns, stand at attention and pinch a digital tomato on her phone.

The unusual ritual is intended to help Buxhoeveden track an unpredictable neurological disorder that largely strikes young women: multiple sclerosis. She’s playing games in an app called Floodlight, which logs her activity and sends it to the servers of drugs giant Roche Holding AG.

“One of the frustrations of having MS is that it’s different from day to day,” said Buxhoeveden, 31, who is a paid consultant for Roche. Even if a doctor’s appointment falls on the one good day in a series of tough ones — which inevitably happens — with the app “you can track your symptoms over time,” she said.

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