Sep 222011
 September 22, 2011  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Daisuke Igarashi reports:

An app developed for use in smartphones has been sharply criticized as being a huge invasion of privacy and a potential tool for stalkers almost as soon as it became available.

The app “Karelog” was designed to allow an individual to trace where their boyfriend or girlfriend have been as well as view their phone records.

The criticism has led the company that developed the app to end the service to allow individuals to view the phone records.

Once Karelog is installed on an individual’s smartphone, the other party can learn where that individual is through the global positioning system. The other party can also see when the phone has been turned off and on.


The app developer, Manuscript Co., included a provision in its instructions to have both parties agree to the app installation. However, it turns out that the app can be easily downloaded and installed with the owner of the smartphone being unaware of that occurring.


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