Sep 122010
 September 12, 2010  Posted by  Online

There have been many articles and blog entries about the dangers of social networking. So many so that I generally don’t even link to them from this blog, but this one by Wired editor David Rowan is well worth the read:

…. I admit I’m the wrong side of 30, and that I still avoid using emoticons in formal correspondence. But let me explain why I’m not active on Facebook, nor sharing my credit-card purchases on Blippy, nor allowing Google Buzz to mine my contacts list, nor even publishing my DNA on My cautious use of the social networks has nothing to do with paranoia about privacy; and yes, I celebrate the unprecedented transparency and connectivity that these services can empower. But what’s increasingly bothering me is the wider social and political cost of our ever-greater enmeshment in these proprietary networks. Here are half a dozen reasons why…..

Read more on Wired (UK).

Hat-tip, @nigelcameron

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