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On May 16, 2014, the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission (the “Commission”) published advisory guidelines for the implementation of its Personal Data Protection Act (the “PDPA”) for two industry sectors. The guidelines were published on the same day on which the Commission held its well-attended Personal Data Protection Seminar focusing on international perspectives on data governance. The advisory guidelines generally have the following content:

  • The Advisory Guidelines for the Telecommunications Sector were developed in consultation with the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore. They address issues and circumstances that may apply to enterprises in the telecommunications sector when they seek to comply with the PDPA. The guidelines discuss, for example, whether telephone numbers constitute personal data and in what circumstances an Internet protocol address or international mobile equipment identity number may constitute personal data.
  • The Advisory Guidelines for the Real Estate Agency Sector were developed in consultation with the Council for Estate Agencies. They address circumstances that real estate agencies may face in complying with the PDPA. The guidelines discuss the use of anonymized and aggregated personal data and business contact information.

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