Jun 202013
 June 20, 2013  Posted by  Business, Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

James Risen and Nick Wingfield report on the (cooperative/collaborative/too-cozy?) relationship between Silicon Valley and the NSA. Here’s a snippet:

Despite the companies’ assertions that they cooperate with the agency only when legally compelled, current and former industry officials say the companies sometimes secretly put together teams of in-house experts to find ways to cooperate more completely with the N.S.A. and to make their customers’ information more accessible to the agency. The companies do so, the officials say, because they want to control the process themselves. They are also under subtle but powerful pressure from the N.S.A. to make access easier.

Skype, the Internet-based calling service, began its own secret program, Project Chess, to explore the legal and technical issues in making Skype calls readily available to intelligence agencies and law enforcement officials, according to people briefed on the program who asked not to be named to avoid trouble with the intelligence agencies.

Read more on NY Times.

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