May 142021
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Thomas Germain writes:

Privacy isn’t a lost cause. At Consumer Reports, we work every day keeping an eye on the companies that are keeping an eye on you, and we’re pushing for change. Ultimately, you shouldn’t have to take a lot of steps to protect your privacy. But for now, there are ways you can take back control.

The Privacy Challenge is a week-long email series that will give you one simple activity each day. Complete them all, and your digital life will be more private and secure, and you’ll be left with a better understanding of how your information is collected and used.

I write about technology, privacy, and the internet for Consumer Reports. Working with other journalists, advocates, and tech experts here, I designed the Privacy Challenge to focus on easy, manageable steps that all people can use to improve their privacy.

Read more about the challenge on Consumer Reports.

h/t, Joe Cadillic

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