Apr 112019
 April 11, 2019  Posted by  Business, Laws, Online, U.S.

Roslyn Layton writes:

Peter Winn, director of the Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties and acting chief privacy officer at the Department of Justice spoke at AEI last week. He noted that trust is fundamental to the efficacy of any institution, whether a firm, a country, or the DOJ itself. He described the DOJ’s duty to “enforce the law, defend the interest of the United States according to the law, and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice. . . . That’s the value we create, and our brand has to be trusted.” Winn’s office is responsible for the DOJ’s adherence to many privacy and data protection laws including the 1974 Privacy Act, among the world’s first laws regulating government use of computerized information. The act itself does not guarantee a right of privacy, but rather ensures the mutual interest and partnership of individuals and government to maintain accuracy of information.

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