Jul 012021
 July 1, 2021  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Surveillance

Colin Lecher writes:

James Dempsey was an 89-year-old veteran staying in a nursing home outside Atlanta when, in 2014, his son installed a video camera to keep an eye on him. When Dempsey died that year, the video uncovered disturbing footage of his final moments in the home. Dempsey can be seen calling repeatedly for help on the video, saying he can’t breathe as nurses appear to shrug off his complaints and even, at one point, can be seen laughing.

The video triggered widespread outrage and led to charges against three nurses at the facility, who have denied any wrongdoing.

Now, the video itself—and whether a jury will ever see it—has become a source of contention.

Read more on The Markup.  Did you know that about a dozen states already have laws concerning this issue? I didn’t.

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