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 July 20, 2021  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Youth & Schools

As seen on The Independent:

Singapore — A River Valley High School (RVHS) student requested for reporters to “be more understanding” of their situation after getting photographed while they walked out of the school following the killing incident of a student.

A 13-year-old Secondary 1 student at RVHS was killed on campus on Monday (Jul 19) allegedly by a 16-year-old Secondary 4 student.


Following the incident, the Facebook page Wake Up, Singapore posted screenshots of a message sent by an RVHS student.

The student aired concerns regarding the reporters and photographers covering the incident.

Read more on The Independent.

PogoWasRight does not know the applicable media law in Singapore. Here in the U.S., we might say that people have no expectation of privacy in public, but would we expect to see media responsibly blur or censor young students’ faces?  Or don’t we? Think back to all the tragedies or news stories we have seen here involving students.  Do we expect tact from media or do we expect them to cover the news by showing reactions to an event?

The student who wrote this commentary in The Independent was obviously distraught by the incident and then further distraught by finding himself pictured in the news. What, if anything, does the government of Singapore have to say about this?  Is this freedom of the press in Singapore or a violation of privacy?

PogoWasRight has sent an inquiry to the Data Protection Commission of Singapore to pose that question. Hopefully, they will shed some light and I will update this post.

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