Feb 272019
 February 27, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Govt

Nuala Sawyer reports:

The leak of private information surrounding Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s death caused a rash of speculation, gossip, and questionable media coverage that, for a couple days, threatened to overshadow the work of San Francisco’s longtime advocate. Luckily, much of the speculation appears to have been quashed — for now — so that the city could return to its grieving. But the disclosure of details surrounding Adachi’s death to the media, presumably by members of the San Francisco Police Department, has drawn the ire of many in City Hall.

“I am outraged by what appears to be leaked information to the press surrounding the tragic death of our friend and colleague Public Defender Jeff Adachi,” Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer stated on Tuesday afternoon. “But I have to say, my frustration about this issue extends far beyond this particular case.”

Read more on SF Weekly.

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