Aug 302010
 August 30, 2010  Posted by  Court, Online

The sexy Russian spy, Anna Chapman, who was kicked out of the United States for leaking secrets, will be sued for posting racy pictures of herself on her Facebook page.

Chapman will face a lawsuit for posting racy photos from a magazine shoot on her Facebook page last week, which were then published by other news outlets over the weekend, including a Russian newspaper.

According to a source, the sexy photos were being kept under wraps until the fall, but the magazine, Zhara (Russian for “heat”), which described Chapman as “the girl about whom thousands of men dream,” is now up-in-arms and will sue the sultry spook.

“Our lawyers have already prepared a lawsuit against Chapman over the Internet publication of photographs of her that were taken by our publisher and thus are our intellectual property,” the New York Daily News quoted Zhara’s chief editor Maksim Korshunov as saying.

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