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 February 2, 2010  Posted by  Business, Online, Surveillance

Danny O’Brien writes:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement of a new U.S. policy on global Internet Freedom included a bold new statement about the responsibilities of American technology companies:

…We are urging U.S. media companies to take a proactive role in challenging foreign governments’ demands for censorship and surveillance. The private sector has a shared responsibility to help safeguard free expression. And when their business dealings threaten to undermine this freedom, they need to consider what’s right, not simply what’s a quick profit.

We couldn’t agree more.

While Clinton focuses on media companies — meaning Internet media companies like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft — there are plenty of other companies deserving scrutiny. Specfically, many U.S. (and multinational) technology companies may be knowingly selling Chinese authorities the surveillance equipment used to commit or facilitate human rights abuses. We think it’s high time to pay attention to them as well.

The “Corporations of Interest”

Drawing from published news articles, EFF has compiled a list of seven corporations that are reportedly selling surveillance technology to the Chinese government and related entities. We’re designating them “corporations of interest”.

Read more on EFF.

  2 Responses to “Seven “Corporations of Interest” in Selling Surveillance Tools to China”

  1. So, if these companies are acting contrary to the national interest (treason) why not take the appropriate action and send the senior executives to jail?

  2. They never be in jail, just think who would try to do that?!

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