Aug 032022
 August 3, 2022  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Non-U.S.

Natasha Lomas reports:

ruling put out yesterday by the European Union’s top court could have major implications for online platforms that use background tracking and profiling to target users with behavioral ads or to feed recommender engines that are designed to surface so-called ‘personalized’ content.

The impacts could be even broader — with privacy law experts suggesting the judgement could dial up legal risk for a variety of other forms of online processing, from dating apps to location tracking and more. Although they suggest fresh legal referrals are also likely as operators seek to unpack what could be complex practical difficulties arising from the judgement.

Read more at TechCrunch.

While this may seem great from a privacy perspective in terms of making GDPR applicable to a broader range of information, including information in context, anything that expands the scope of “sensitive data” to include sensitive information that can be inferred from other information will raise a whole host of headaches in compliance for platforms and businesses. Expect to see a lot more analyses and commentary on this ruling.

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