Mar 102020
 March 10, 2020  Posted by  Govt, Laws, U.S.

J. D. Tuccille writes:

A cabal of unsavory U.S. senators have introduced a long-anticipated measure that would pressure tech companies to weaken protections for communications privacy in the guise of a measure aimed at child porn.

While the bipartisan bill, S.3398, never mentions the word “encryption,” it makes online companies liable for information exchanged by their users unless they adopt practices approved by the government. Smart observers assume that means leaving people’s messages open to snoopy officials.

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  One Response to “Senators Push Sneaky Anti-Privacy Bill”

  1. The government should require that every website have a “nutrition facts” label so a user can determine what info they are revealing, how it is being gathered and who it is being shared with.

    We outlined this proposal to congressmen in a blog post titled “Every Website Should Have A Nutrition Facts Label” (link deleted by>

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