Dec 182014
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Senator Franken has received a response from Uber about the the ride-sharing company’s privacy practices. Last month, Franken asked Uber to answer ten questions about the company treats use of passenger data. Specifically, Franken questioned Uber’s use of the “God view” tool, which allows the company to track individual customers in real time. Uber failed to answer several of Senator’s questions and provided “a surprising lack of detail.” EPIC recently proposed “Privacy Rules for Uber,” as part of the “Rideshare Privacy Act of 2015.” EPIC wrote that “there should be clear legal limits on the use of ‘God view,'” explaining, “any use of that feature to track or stalk passengers should be prohibited by law. And all of these legal rights should be backed with meaningful fines if the company crosses the line.” EPIC concluded, “the collection of detailed information on Uber passengers is a real problem that can no longer be ignored.” For more information, see EPIC: Drivers Privacy Protection Act and EPIC: Automobile Event Data Recorders (Black Boxes) and Privacy.

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