May 202016
 May 20, 2016  Posted by  Laws


The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing yesterday on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The “TCPA” bars telemarketers and robocallers from contacting consumers by phone or fax without prior express consent. In January, EPIC filed an amicus brief to provide greater TCPA protections for consumers.  EPIC said that widespread use of cellphones “has amplified the nuisance and privacy invasion caused by unwanted calls and text messages.” EPIC has testified before Congress about the TCPA and submitted many comments concerning the implementation of the consumer privacy law.

I wish Congress would strengthen this law and add some real enforcement teeth. I still get way too many calls that I shouldn’t be getting and/or don’t want to be getting.

  One Response to “Senate Examines “Do Not Call” Law”

  1. Since, authorized by executive order, or authorized under one law or another, or a tortured reading of these where the words do not have their plain meanings, the NSA records the metadata (and data) for all phone calls (especially including those initiated from overseas), it appears that the government has all the data it needs to properly enforce these telemarketing laws. They should do it.

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