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 April 21, 2012  Posted by  Surveillance

I’m not sure which side of the creepiness line this is on, but I’m leaning towards over the line. Liane Yvkoff reports:

Toyota is working on a mood-sensitive electronics system that’s part safety net, part backseat driver. According to an article on Whatcar.com, the prototype system customizes the safety system’s alert times based on the driver’s mood. And how can it tell what mood you’re in? Cameras mounted inside the cabin are focused on the driver’s position and recognize emotions by interpreting 238 points on the face.

Sad or angry drivers may be distracted or have delayed reaction times, and they may not be able to avoid an accident. If your car thinks you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, the electronics alert system will give you a little more of a heads up. On the other hand, if the system determines that your expression is neutral, the warning system will use standard alert times.

Read more on CNET.

  2 Responses to “Seeing red? Future Toyotas will sense your mood”

  1. Nothing puts me in a foul mood faster than knowing I’m being watched unless it’s someone trying to cheer me up. I like to enjoy a bad mood now and then.

  2. Ah, the long-recognized but constitutionally unprotected Right to Kvetch. 🙂

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