Jul 072015
 July 7, 2015  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance, U.S.

Iain Thomson reports:

With congressional hearings due on Wednesday to discuss US government plans to force tech companies to install backdoors in their encryption systems, some of the leading minds in the security world have published a paper on how, and if, such a system would work.

The authors of the 34-page paper [PDF] read like a who’s who of computer security: they are Whitfield Diffie (who along with Martin Hellman invented public key encryption); crypto guru Bruce Schneier; Ronald Rivest (the R in RSA), Matt Blazer, the killer of the Clipper Chip; Professor Ross Anderson from Cambridge University; and 11 other senior figures in the field.

Read more on The Register.

@EFFLive will be live-tweeting tomorrow morning’s hearing where FBI Director Comey will testify about “going dark.” Read their comments here

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