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I had noted the news on this last week, but Joe Cadillic provides additional details and commentary:

Employees within the Secret Service’s Office of Government and Public Affairs will be using the new system, agency officials said.

Here is a full list of the software’s required functions:

    • Real-time stream analysis;
    • Customizable, keyword search features;
    • Sentiment analysis;
    • Trend analysis;
    • Audience segmentation;
    • Geographic segmentation; (they know exactly where you are)
    • Qualitative, data visualization representations (heat maps, charts, graphs, etc.);
    • Multiple user access;
    • Functionality to have read-only users;
    • Access to historical twitter data;
    • Influencer identification; (how many hits or visitors read your social media posts etc.)
    • Standard web browser access with login credentials;
    • User level permissions;
    • Compatibility with Internet Explorer 8;
    • Section 508 compliant;
    • Ability to detect sarcasm and false positives;
    • Functionality to send notifications to users;
    • Functionality to analyze data over a given period of time; (they know your history)
    • Ability to quantify the agency’s social media outreach/footprint;
    • Vendor-provided training and technical/customer support;
    • Ability to create custom reports without involving IT specialists; and
    • Ability to search online content in multiple languages.

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