Jun 142012
 June 14, 2012  Posted by  Court

Kathy Bolten and Jeff Eckhoff report:

An attorney for the man with whom former Des Moines schools superintendent Nancy Sebring had an affair has asked a Polk County judge to keep the man’s name out of court proceedings.

In the court filings, the man asks to join Sebring’s effort to obtain an injunction that would prohibit the Des Moines school district from releasing additional emails between Sebring and himself. The man, who says he lives and works in the Des Moines area, asked to join the proceedings under a pseudonym.

According to the court documents filed today, the man is “experiencing intense humiliation and embarrassment due to the publication of intimate material.”

Read more on Des Moines Register.

What decision would you like to see the judge make, and why?

And if an actress who wanted to keep her age private to protect her employability was not allowed to file as Jane Doe in a California court, should this man be allowed to file as John Doe? Are these situations comparable or different?

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