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 March 31, 2016  Posted by  Online, Surveillance, U.S.

Mary-Ann Russon reports:

Police in the US are continuing to raid the homes of people who operate exit nodes for the Tor anonymity network, most recently searching the condo belonging to a pair of outspoken privacy activists in Seattle.

On 30 March, Seattle Privacy Coalition cofounders Jan Bultmann and David Robinson were woken up at 6.15am at their condominium by a team of six detectives from the Seattle Police Department with a search warrant looking for child pornography, according to Seattle’s alternative weekly newspaper The Stranger.

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  2 Responses to “Seattle police raid home of privacy activists who maintain Tor anonymity network node”

  1. This is outrageous, why is the mass-media silent?

    Oh, sorry, I forgot they’re busy worrying about politics, crime and sports as they watch America turn into a police state.

  2. Because no media wants to be accused of supporting a service that gets misused by child porn folks? Not that Seattle Privacy does, but others do, so public not sympathetic to Tor.

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