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Ah, a story about a restauranteur denying service to TSA agents sounded so good that I tweeted a link to it (but seemingly forgot to post it to this blog!), but could it have been a hoax? Curtis Cartier reports:

Yesterday we told you about the anonymous cafe in Sea-Tac that is supposedly refusing to serve TSA agents. The story was originally reported by consumer-advocacy journalist Christopher Elliott, a fairly well-respected source of info on consumer stories, and has since been picked up by hundreds of publications and blogs.

Seattle Weekly talked to Elliott at the time and he stood by his source, naming this “K.C. McLawson” (who’s yet to return our e-mails) as trustworthy enough to post his own story based on her word. But since yesterday, seemingly everyone who could confirm the tale (police, TSA agents, other Sea-Tac area restaurants) have all said they know nothing about it or doubt it very much. Thus, the story seems to be smelling more and more of bullshit.

Read more on Seattle Weekly.

h/t, @GWSchulzCIR

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