Apr 272012
 April 27, 2012  Posted by  Laws

Although Governor Rick Scott of Florida has often claimed that the public supports his “common sense” law that would allow the state to drug-test all state employees – even in the absence of any specific suspicion – not all Floridians support him. An editorial in the Tampa Bay Times begins:

It’s bad enough that Gov. Rick Scott insists on infringing on Floridians’ personal liberty. But he even expects taxpayers to pick up the tab.

On Thursday, a federal judge became the second in a year to deem one of Scott’s drug testing schemes an unreasonable search and seizure. And just like before, Scott promised to appeal, proving to be more interested in political posturing than in respecting the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Republican leaders need to abandon this Big Brother obsession and respect Floridians’ privacy.

Read more on Tampa Bay Times.

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