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 March 8, 2011  Posted by  Non-U.S., Youth & Schools

Andrea Petrou reports:

Fingerprinting of children has got worse, with “more and more schools falling over themselves” to get pupil biometrics, a rights group has told TechEye.

Action on Rights for Children (ARCH) is wondering if the rush is because of proposed changes in the Freedom bill.

Currently, schools don’t have to ask for parental consent to take fingerprints from children – which can be used to access classrooms, take books out of the library or as a way to provide cashless school dinners.

However, if the bill goes ahead, it will mean schools will require consent from both the parent and child to gain fingerprints.

Terri Dowty, director at ARCH, told TechEye: “Schools are falling over themselves to get fingerprinting before the new rules come into place. We’re pleased about the new proposals, which will mean that children’s parents get a say.


h/t, @bbw1984 via @LossofPrivacy

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