Jan 032023
 January 3, 2023  Posted by  Business, U.S., Youth & Schools

Jason Kelley writes:

In 2022, student privacy gets a solid “C” grade. The trend of schools engaging in student surveillance did not let up in 2022. There were, however, some small wins indicative of  a growing movement to push back against this encroachment. Unfortunately, more schools than ever are spying on students through EdTech software and other means.

In an important decision by a federal judge, a remote proctoring “room scan” by a public university – Cleveland State University in Ohio –  was deemed an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment. “Room scans,” where students are forced to use their device’s camera to give a 360-degree view of everything around the area in which they’re taking a test, are one of the most invasive aspects of remotely proctored exams. Often, these scans are done in a personal residence, and frequently a private space, like a bedroom.

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