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In Part 2 of his series, Joe Cadillic writes:

DHS’s ‘Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments‘ or VACCINE as it’s commonly referred to is being taught to school kids. Teachers instructed by DHS are teaching K-12 students that spying on innocent Americans is ok.

“VACCINE’s mission is to educate current homeland security stakeholders and the next generation of talent… Our educational initiatives span the entire career development pipeline ranging from K-12 programs through undergraduate and graduate level work, to professional education and training programs.” (for more info. see the Teacher Tutorial section below)

Since 2010, DHS has been using a national “front” program called the “Career Development Program” to indoctrinate our school kids. DHS has even created a Mentoring Program designed to indoctrinate susceptible school kids.

Read more on MassPrivateI.

Joe tells me that his intended 3-part series now looks to be 4 parts. You can access Part 1 here.

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  1. I am an educator and its not being done where I work. Hopefully it will not catch on.

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