Nov 072018
 November 7, 2018  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Jim Schultz writes:

When my daughter returned to classes this fall at Lockport High School in western New York, she and other students in our small district were welcomed by something new — a $2.7 million network of 300 high-tech facial recognition cameras. No other school in the nation has anything close to it.

The project, paid for with state grant funds, was spun as a way to improve school security. In fact, it is a colossal waste of tax money that could have been spent far better on other things. The system also constitutes a whole new invasion into student and teacher privacy. The dangers here are not just about Lockport, but about all the school districts in New York that will be tempted to follow in our footsteps.

Read more of his commentary on  Times Union.

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