Aug 092018
 August 9, 2018  Posted by  Breaches, Court, U.S., Youth & Schools

I’d call this one from the horses-and-barn-doors dept. Tim Cushing reports:

A redaction failure by a public entity has led to a request for contempt charges to be brought against a Florida newspaper and two of its reporters. The Sun Sentinel obtained a copy of the Broward County School Board’s report on the Parkland shooter after a successful public records request lawsuit. The report was heavily redacted… or at least, it was supposed to be. But the school board screwed this task up.

Read more on TechDirt.

  2 Responses to “School Board Demands Journalists Be Punished For Committing Journalism”

  1. Do you really think this will actually happen? I mean come on,

  2. The fact that a school board would even try this crap needs to be called out publicly.

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