Aug 072016
 August 7, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Online

Peter Devlin and Aneeta Bhole report:

A priest who posted a picture of a sign at his church that read ‘Bless the Burqa’ is outraged after his personal information was handed to trolls by Facebook.

Father Rod Bower posted a picture of him standing in front the sign at his Anglican Parish in Gosford, north of Sydney, in late 2014, before a far-right group got hold of the image and photoshopped it to read ‘I’m Fr Rod Bower & I’ve lost my mind. No point praying.’

The altered photo was allegedly uploaded to Facebook group ‘Anglican Parish of Gosford- NOT’ on July 21 this year.

Subsequently Fr Bower complained to Facebook, asking for the post to be removed.

In a bizarre twist Facebook gave Fr Bower’s personal information to the trolls, telling the two parties to sort it out between themselves.

Read more on Daily Mail.

There is no statement from Facebook in this report, and like others, I am somewhat shocked and dismayed that Facebook would just give this information out.

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