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 August 11, 2009  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online, Surveillance

Women in Saudi Arabia are randomly loading spyware on the desktops, laptops, and other electronics related to the Internet of their husbands to monitor for unfaithfulness or attempts at infidelity.

Say experts that spyware is referred to any stealthy, malicious PC software which gathers personal information transmitted via the Internet.

Reportedly, the software that Saudi women are using is comparatively costly about SR 1,000 (US$267), however, it seems to be easy to plant while hard to discover. Further for a nation where women are not without reason to fear their spouses’ behavior like suddenly marrying a new girl, the temptation of following the movements of a probable errant husband is nothing unnatural.

Nevertheless according to scholars in the Islamic community, this act of spying goes against the Shariah law for, Islam supports privacy protection and the new software undoubtedly violates it outright. Also as per Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdullah al-Shamrani, a religious expert and an Islamic Culture Professor at the Scientific Institute, Shariah law forbids all forms of computer spying. ASHARQ ALAWSAT reported this on July 24, 2009.

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  1. 2 points noteworthy:

    1. Never would have thought that spyware could actually work in a postive manner

    2. “Shariah law forbids all forms of computer spying” They are ahead than the US and most of the world where the privacy is concerned!

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