Jul 262009
 July 26, 2009  Posted by  Non-U.S.

A Saudi Arabian man was arrested after bragging about his sex life on television, local media reported.

Mazen Abdul Jawad appeared last week on a show on Lebanese channel LBC, where he went into “graphic details about his sexual conquests,” according to Arab News, an English daily.

A segment of the show “Red Line” posted on YouTube shows the 32-year-old talking about sex and foreplay. He also discusses losing his virginity to a neighbor while he was 14.

In deeply conservative Saudi Arabia, pre-marital sex is illegal and unrelated men and women are not allowed to mingle.

A government official told the newspaper that discussing sex in public is a punishable offense that may affect anyone involved in the broadcast.

Read more on CNN.

hat-tip, Jonathan Turley’s blog.

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