Oct 182013
 October 18, 2013  Posted by  Laws

Susan Haigh of AP reports:

Most of the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims want a recent Connecticut law barring the release of certain crime records to be expanded to include other materials including 911 audio tapes, according to an attorney representing 22 of the 26 families who lost relatives in the shooting.

Morgan Rueckert said Wednesday the families worry about the sounds captured Dec. 14 in 911 phone calls being heard by the public, including their other children.

“It’s very hard in this case because the grief and the fear and the anguish is so overwhelming and they very much fear the perpetuation of that,” he said.

Rueckert, a Hartford attorney who said he’s not charging the families, testified before a state task force developing recommendations to the General Assembly on balancing victim privacy with the public’s right to know. It comes as state prosecutors say they will appeal a recent order by the state Freedom of Information Commission to release the Newtown 911 tapes.

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