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 June 1, 2013  Posted by  Laws, U.S., Youth & Schools

The Newtown Bee reports:

Twenty parents and spouses who lost loved ones at the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on 12/14 gathered together at the Capitol in Hartford on Friday, May 31, to call on legislators to pass House Bill 6424, “An Act Concerning Fees for Searches of Accident and Investigative Reports of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.” They were joined by sisters, a brother, a son, a teacher, and others directly affected by what happened 5½ months ago.


Proposed by Senator John McKinney, the amendment to House Bill 6424 would:

*Prevent the release of any photos, videotapes, digital recordings or other depictions of any victim, without the permission of the victim’s immediate family. The adult victims who survived the shooting would also be able to grant permission to release the records;

*Allow any public agency to redact the identity of a minor witness to the shooting; and

*Require public agencies to transcribe 911 recordings and provide written transcripts upon request for a 50-cent-per-page fee, but not require them to provide audio recordings.

 Read more on the Newtown Bee. 
Although the bill may be well-intentioned,  the events at Newtown are of public and national significance that go beyond curiosity and impacts policy discussions of gun control, mental health, and school security issues. As such, I think the First Amendment needs to trump to the understandable concerns of family members.

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