Dec 062020
 December 6, 2020  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

If everyone stays home, do we even need this?  Joe Cadillic explains:

The Voice of San Diego recently revealed how the city of San Diego secretly considered using military-grade drones to spy on motorists.  According to the article, San Diego officials secretly kicked around the possibility of using General Atomics’ “SkyGuardian” drones to ID and track speeding vehicles.

“Records obtained by Voice of San Diego show that the city’s Office of Homeland Security had been supportive of General Atomics, a local defense contractor, in its attempt to open the skies above San Diego to new forms of surveillance. They wound up talking last year about how police might benefit from putting a massive vehicle with a camera above the metro.”

They even went so far as to request General Atomics make no mention of the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) possibly using a 12,500 pound military drone for public safety use.

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